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LinkedIn Influence

linkedin is the most powerful social network for business. this linkedin social media training will help generate more leads, traffic, sales for entrepreneurs, business professionals, career seekers. best social media, linkedin course. over 2000 sold... Click on the picture for more info

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Free Meditation Library

Over 30,000 free ebooks, downloads and softwares on meditation, relaxation, yoga, pranayama, solfeggio and many more... includes binaural music downloads + holosync style downloads + our ultimate reality +lessons in meditation + acoustic brainwave activation+ holistic expressions magazine +binaural zen download +introduction to meditation +beta brain magazine + introduction to self healing with meditation+ calm your stress + 4 pillars of spiritual growth + money magnet meditation + spiritual self development magazine + much more
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Free Copy of the fully updated version of Secrets of Brainwave Harmonics Revealed 2012

A fully updated version of the famous "Secret of Brainwave Harmonics Revealed ". The ebook was first published in 2002 and sold for $49.95 - it still sells on Kindle for $9.95. The new updated version is available completely free of charge to our newsletter subscribers. The book includes huge amounts of research on brainwave harmonics ;  what are the brain frequencies ? what is brainwave entrainment ? what makes brainwave harmonics different ? the scientific evidence ? the exact frequencies used to create different altered states of consciousness ( includes the astral projection, remote viewing and psychic frequencies) * the frequencies used for enhanced law of attraction * the development of isochronic beat and isochiral wave technology * the development of AromaRife technology * how to create your own brainwave harmonic programs * lots more


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Memory Series
Short Term Memory
Long Term Memory
Accelerated Learning
Attention Deficit Disorder
Increase IQ
Discovery Series
Astral Projection
Spirit Guide
Prana Healing
Tai Chi
Body Series
Stress Manager
Chronic Fatigue
DNA Repair
Senses Series
Magick Ritual
Psychic Development
Clairvoyance and Clairaudience
Past Life Regression

Remote Viewing
Out of Body Experience
Lucid Dreaming
Meditation Series
Alpha Meditation
Theta Meditation
Delta Meditation
Epsilon Meditation






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