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Increase IQ

It has been proven beyond all reasonable doubt that performance on IQ tests can be improved by listening to binaural sound in the alpha range. A specific binaural frequency in the alpha range has been identified as the most potent contributor to increasing IQ from test to test.


What is IQ?

A General Intelligence Quotient Score (IQ Score) is a statistically derived number which indicates relative and comparative abilities that can be used to obtain academic skills and knowledge. 
Some of these measurements can be reliable predictors of an individual's academic achievements

 Though an IQ test measures only a few of a human's mental abilities, these few abilities are targeted for measurement, because they are well known to positively correlate highly to many other human abilities. How high you score in one of these measured abilities, will strongly indicate how high you would be expected to score on the unmeasured abilities.

Statistically the following statements are true about IQ scores obtained by taking this test:

  • An IQ of 100 is higher than 50% of all persons taking this test.

  • An IQ of 110 is higher than 75% of all persons taking this test.

  • An IQ of 120 is higher than 93% of all persons taking this test.

  • An IQ of 130 is higher than 98% of all persons taking this test


How Does it Work ?

Mind Sync 3D is a brand new technique of brainwave entrainment. It combines the amazing effects of binaural beats, monochronic beats and isochronic beats. Further to this, it combines the frequencies in such a way that the brain cannot resist the entrainment and will lock into the altered consciousness state very quickly and without distraction. The combinations of different frequencies and intensity and timing of the binaural, isochronic and monaural effects has been optimized over many years of experimentation in the Mind Sync laboratories. The programs are effective with or without the use of headphones.

The Mind Sync 3D compositions are even effective while you are asleep, quietly in the background while watching TV or when working out in the gym. All you need to do is play the specially coded music on your mp3 player or other music device and listen... that's it... it really is that simple. You could be getting the benefits in minutes. All the products are available immediately.

•Stunning new technique in brainwave control

•Amazing Effects - Guaranteed Altered States of Consciousness

•Get immediate control over 100% of your brains activity using 3D Mind Sync Technology

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Increase IQ

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I have increased my IQ score by 10 points after 1 month with your CD. I am impressed   Andy Thompson - Maidstone, Kent

I bought your Supermind and Mindworks CD's over a year ago. I have gone from a C+ student to almost straight A's in that time. Thank you again    Denise V, USA

I downloaded your IQ frequencies and have had good  results   KW, Germany

Certainly works. I have done a few of the online IQ tests and raised my IQ a few points each time             LF, Kansas

I think the product is good and so is your customer service. I get so sick of mailing internet companies and getting nil response. I had a response from you within an hour!! Thanks again for the CD's I like them better than the downloads  JT, Birmingham

I bought Mindworks  at one of your exhibitions and have made great use of the speed learning and increase IQ tracks. They are certainly helping with my studies.            Donald Vaughan , Worcester